Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Entech test have three core values Honesty, Integrity and Loyalty which contribute to our continued success and development within our industry. We are committed to ensuring our values remain at the centre of our business strategy and at the heart of all we do. These elements form the three pillars located on our company’s logo. The values lay the foundation of our mission statement.

‘Helping you to build a better future’

This statement represents each and every action towards our, employees, community, environment, clients and candidates.


We are committed to providing our employees with a workplace where they are safe, valued and feel motivated to give their best to continuously improve business performance. Entech promote social responsibility to their employees through effective Communication.

  • Monthly communications promoting achievements and organisational changes.

  • Quarterly Directors club - a chance for members of the team to enjoy the Directors time on a one to one basis

  • Monthly social activities and team building events

  • Annual conference - Review of previous year’s progression and creates the objectives and targets for the following financial year.

Reward and Recognition

Entech’s success depends on the quality and performance of its staff. As well as a highly competitive basic salary and performance related commission scheme, some of the benefits that you can expect are listed below:

  • Consultant of the Week competition

  • Organisational and individual incentive schemes

  • Optional benefits packages after 1 years service, inclusive of private healthcare and pension


Entech understand the importance of career progression and development, because of this we provide training programmes and weekly coaching sessions including tailor made packages.

  • Recruiter Training Schedule Entech’s tailored made training package

  • Annual appraisals, to asses career progression expectations and to identify any training needs

  • Monthly standard meetings will asses where you are in relation to achieving your goals set out in your PDP.


Entech recognise local and national charity events and fundraisers. Participating in these events ensure Entech provide time and financial support to the community.


Entech promote solutions that minimise their resource consumption, they continuously try to reduce the company and their employees carbon footprint.


At Entech we tailor our services to meet the needs of each and every Client. Our knowledge of the markets that we operate in ensures we deliver the quality service to our clients.


At Entech we provide advice and guidance to prospective candidates to assess capabilities and skills. By understanding aspirations we are able to select the best opportunities within your specific industry.

Entech are members of age positive and are committed to ensuring all applicants receive fair and equal treatment irrespective of:

  • Disability

  • Sex or Marital Status

  • Colour

  • Race

  • Nationality

  • Ethnic or National Origins

  • Religion or Belief

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Trade Union Membership or Non-Membership

  • Age or being a Part-Time or Fixed Term Worker

This is all in relation to recruitment, training, promotion, benefits, terms and conditions of employment and dismissal.

All employees are made aware of the provisions on the Entech Equality and Diversity Policy.

Entech are accredited members of:

  • REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation)

  • Link Up

  • BSI ISO 9001:2000

  • Age Positive

  • UVDB

For further information contact us on:
Phone: 01442 898 900