6 Simple Signs You Should Quit Your Job

20 Dec 09:00 by Jamie Silman


We all have bad days at work.

You know, the ones where it feels like the entire world is out to get you? 

The ones where you spend all day putting out fires caused by other people and then your boss tells you he thinks you’re underperforming?

But sometimes it’s more than just one bad day.

There might be a time where you start to realise that your job isn’t everything that was promised to you during the interview.

Here are 6 simple signs it might be time for you to quit your job.

1. You Dread Going To Work

If you go to bed at night dreading waking up to go to work the next morning, that’s a pretty obvious sign that you’re not enjoying your work.

It’s normal for everyone to experience the Sunday Night blues once in a while, particularly when winter draws in and the weather gets colder, but if you’re regularly feeling bad about having to go to work the next day, something needs to change.

2. You’re Procrastinating

Everyone has days where things get a bit slow and they spend half an hour browsing through the latest sales or catching up on the latest celebrity gossip. 

But if there’s nothing keeping you engaged at your job, or there are no tasks you can think of to keep you occupied throughout your workday, then that could be a sign that you’re unhappy where you are.

3. There’s No Room To Advance

These days, when you join a company, there should be some sort of progression plan in place that lets you see how you’re going to progress through the company over the course of your career.

If there’s a lack of opportunities for you to advance at your current company because the business’s growth has stalled, because there’s no higher position for you to move into, or because the company’s future looks uncertain, then that could be time for you to start looking at other positions.

4. Business Culture Is Lacking

A negative or toxic environment created by an overbearing boss or bitchy co-workers isn’t healthy - it can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health and can add to the feelings of dread caused by being faced with another day in the office.

But sometimes the workplace culture can also be a factor in deciding to move on. If other positions offer flexible working or a private healthcare package, while your position doesn’t, then that could be another reason for you to consider making the move elsewhere.

5. You’re Being Headhunted or Recruited

There may be times when you’re not necessarily considering changing positions but you’re being contacted about other opportunities by recruiters or headhunters looking for people with your experience.

These opportunities could be another way to get that pay rise you’ve been hoping for, or they might offer you the chance to work at a company whose mission aligns much more closely with your personal views.

6. It’s Affecting Your Life At Home

Working at a job you hate can have a significant impact on your mental health and your family dynamic, so if you feel like your home life is suffering because of your work it could be time for a change.

If you have enough savings you could risk handing in your notice to get out as quickly as possible, but often the most sensible approach is to find another position first.

At the end of the day, It’s not worth putting your health and relationships at risk for your career. 

Everyone’s situation is different and, unfortunately, we can’t tell you the right thing to do. 

That’s for you to decide.

That being said, if you’ve found this post because you’re searching for reasons to quit your job, there’s a chance you’ve already made up your mind!

Good luck!