How Engineers Are Making the World a Better Place

21 Aug 10:00 by Jamie Silman

An AI Robot Assistant

If you’ve read pretty much any of the headlines recently, the world might seem like a very gloomy place.

Political scandals seem to make the news daily, and the world is still struggling to cope with the effects of global warming; but engineers are, slowly but surely, changing the world for the better.

Being somewhat of a futurist, I believe that our quality of living is going to improve significantly over the next decade or two as we see a complete shift in the way most of us live our day-to-day lives, so I’m optimistic about some of the project’s engineers are working on.

You might think I’m crazy, but here’s just a few ways I think engineers are making the world a better place.

Helping the Environment

The developments the renewable energy sector has made over the past decade, in spite of all the regulatory setbacks, has been incredible.

As demand from consumers continues to grow, so does the speed with which developments are made, with many now looking to nuclear fusion as the long-term solution to our energy needs.

With this increased focus on renewable and sustainable energy, and the resulting improvements to the national grid, it won’t be long before more and more people feel confident in making the switch to electric cars, further reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Johnny Cab

Self-Driving Cars

Speaking of cars - self-driving cars will not only make the world a much safer place, but it will probably be much more fun too!

When the law makers finally catch up to technology, and the cars are safe enough, of course, long distance journeys will no longer be tedious as you sit back and relax while the car does all the work.

It’ll be like having your own robot chauffeur.

Kind of like the Johnny Cab in Total Recall, only less creepy.

Medical Advances

The days of a bionic chamber that fixes all of your ailments is probably (definitely) still a few years off, but there have been plenty of medical advances made in recent years.

Developments in artificial hearts and prosthetics, 5G technology that will allow doctors to operate from anywhere in the world, and companies even experimenting with nano-bots and high-tech implants means that the future of healthcare looks promising!

Robotics & AI

While there’s often a lot of negativity surrounding robotics and AI, with their potential to make many jobs obsolete, there’s also going to be plenty of ways in which our lives are improved.

Robots could speed up operations in the warehousing and logistics sector, making shipping times even shorter; they could help with search and rescue operations by covering a larger area more quickly, or by reaching inaccessible places; or they might just be there to bring us a cold beer from the fridge or prepare dinner for the family.

Whatever the case, life is certainly going to be much more interesting!

Space Exploration

The future of space exploration is looking hopeful, with Space X’s rockets that land themselves for re-use, and Elon Musk targeting Mars for a manned mission within the next 5 years or so, it seems we’re entering a new era of space travel.

So, whether it’s designing and building the next space shuttle, or working to build a new colony on Mars, there’s going plenty of exciting opportunities for budding engineers.

Ok, maybe I’m too much of an optimist.

But the point is that there are plenty of industries and projects for engineers to work on that are going to have a real impact on the way future generations live their lives.

And if that isn’t something to get excited about, I don’t know what is!