6 Misconceptions Managers Have About Recruitment

28 Aug 10:00 by Jamie Silman


Recruitment agencies are often looked down on by managers.

Sadly, like any industry, there are bad agencies who have given everyone else a bad name, so there are some misconceptions that managers have about what it’s like when they work with a recruitment agency.

Whether you’ve worked with a recruitment agency before, or you’re thinking about working with one for the first time, here are some common misconceptions we’ve encountered that managers have about recruitment:

1. The Perfect Candidate Is Always Out There

Sometimes the stars align and, not long after you post a job opening, the ideal candidate is sitting down in your office acing their interview.

Sadly, though, this is the exception and not the rule.

It’s important for managers to strike a balance between waiting long enough to find a suitable candidate, but not so long that good candidates accept offers from other companies.

Having a clear idea of the skills and experience you’re looking for, along with the type of culture you’re trying to maintain within the business, will give you a good benchmark to compare candidates against.

But it’s highly unlikely that someone will tick every single box on your checklist, so be clear about which areas you’re willing to sacrifice if a candidate who can grow into the position comes along.

2. You Don’t Need Help Recruiting

It’s all too common for managers to post a job opening to the company website, on one or two job boards, and perhaps the company’s LinkedIn page; before sitting back and waiting for the CVs to roll in.

And while this method can generate some applicants for your roles, it ends up limiting the talent pool you’re recruiting from.

Recruiters bring with them a database full of potential candidates, relationships they’ve built with candidates whose contract may be ending shortly, and a host of industry tools that help them find and engage passive candidates who may not have even be considering a change in roles.

Not only this, but recruiters also do all of the filtering and qualifying for you, meaning you won’t even speak to a candidate who doesn’t already meet the requirements set out in your job description.

3. Recruiters Only Care About Filling A Role

Admittedly, there is an element of truth to this one.

The recruitment business model is slightly different to other industries as all of the work – sourcing and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, providing feedback and extending an offer, waiting for the candidate to work their notice, and finally making the placement – happens before any fees are paid.

This means that the work is essentially carried out for free until a candidate is in the job, so it’s important that recruiters don’t spend too long on any one role, which inevitably leads to there being more incentive for recruiters to move more quickly than the clients.

Despite all of this, we want you to hire the right person, and satisfying clients helps to generate future business, so thinking we just want to shove anyone into your role and then move on is just plain wrong.

4. Recruiters Just Want to Send CVs

If you’re working with a recruitment agency that sends you tens of CVs, do yourself a favour – stop working with them.

Unfortunately, a few agencies favour the “spray-and-pray” method, hoping that if they send enough CVs to clients, they’ll choose someone quickly, leaving them to claim their fee before moving onto the next client, and giving a bad name to other recruitment agencies.

At Entech, our goal is to send no more than three CVs to hiring managers, from candidates who we have screened with technical questions about the role, and who we think, having got to know you during the process, are the perfect fit for your company.

5. We Don’t Understand Technical Details

Because of the aforementioned “spray-and-pray” agencies, many managers have also come to believe that recruitment agencies are full of consultants who are just shady sales people.

But the truth is that most specialist agencies hire consultants from the industries they recruit for, making them much more knowledgeable about the skills a candidate needs to have.

As a manager, this means you can really get into detail about what the role will entail, and what sort of experience you’re looking for a candidate to have, safe in the knowledge that the recruiter will then be able to source candidates who actually match your needs!

6. We’re Not Looking to Build A Relationship

Like any service-based business, recruitment is built on making sure our clients, and candidates, are happy.

Businesses are always going to need to hire new staff, so building lasting relationships is beneficial for everyone, and is one of the top priorities for any recruitment consultant.

If your agency places a candidate with you and then moves on, never to be heard from again, they may have done you a favour!

Hopefully this list has debunked some of the common myth’s managers have about recruiters, and gone some way to showing you that there is method to our madness!

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