Looking back at two decades of supporting the engineering industry

27 Oct 15:00 by Scott Davidson


When Entech Technical Solutions opened the doors over twenty years ago, we had a mission to provide specialist international support to the engineering and technical industries.


Whilst that objective remains, many things have changed in those two decades. 


The way in which we used to source candidates for the recruitment side of our business seems very quaint to the modern eye.  Classified adverts placed in the local or national press or in industry magazines, were the main way to attract a potential employee’s attention.  Then we would sit and wait for the CVs to arrive – by post or by fax or even by an old-fashioned call on the office landline.


There were no job boards, no websites.  And it seems hardly credible that we managed without social media!  The 2015 Work Trends Study from Adecco found that the higher the use of social media by a candidate, the higher the probability of being contacted by a recruiter.  The study concludes that frequent social media updates makes it easier for recruiters to understand an applicant and decide if they're worth interviewing for a position.


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also make it easier for job seekers to research companies and jobs and directly connect with employers. People can make more informed judgements about company cultures, missions, and management styles.


Alongside the development of easily accessible technology, a new language has developed, and of course, today, everyone knows what you mean if you suggest a quick Skype call or to connect on LinkedIn or to email across their CV.  With easy access to a myriad of quick, instant communication techniques, we can now connect directly with our market almost in real time.


Other changes include updates to legislation, which covers everything from the way job descriptions and person specifications are written, how advertisements are worded, through to conducting and documenting interviews, the retention of records, and the feedback given to unsuccessful candidates.


Technology has even changed how we work with our subcontractors.  Whereas once we would post out cheques to pay them, we now make instant payments via BACS.  Software helps us manage work allocation and job closures, and get real-time updates on progress – straight to our smartphone.


During the last two decades, there have been times of recession, times when companies put recruitment on hold. Fewer positions and more people looking for work is the painful reality of hard economic times.  However, it can be a catalyst to review future needs and prepare a pool of talented employees for future. Knowing that any vacancy will attract a high level of interest can give employers a bit of breathing time, thus avoiding the pitfalls of hiring in a hurry. At Entech, our knowledge, professionalism, and importantly, our clients’ loyalty has helped us to survive periods of recession, and we remain ready to embrace what the next twenty years may bring.


While in many ways the speed of change makes it hard to forecast what will happen, we will endeavour to anticipate change and evolve with the industry.  Our plans include an increased headcount and the expansion of our operation with the opening of offices in major cities.  One thing we can guarantee is that we will not lose the desire to grow, whilst maintaining our identity.  We will continue the ongoing development of our specialist industry knowledge, and will grow and develop in-house expertise. 


An important lesson of our twenty years in business is that experience matters, and we’ve used our expertise to build our database of exclusive candidates over that time.  Modern trends for ‘pop up’ agencies run on a shoestring may catch the eye, but will never deliver the quality of service and personal support of our partners who know the industry inside out.  We believe that by nurturing talent and building careers and supporting operational staffing and long-term development, we can play our part in strengthening the engineering sector.


Whatever the 2020s and beyond bring, we believe our professionalism, partnership, trustworthiness and experience will stand us in good stead.